CIC: see you soon!

Dear Members,

Another club’s season is over. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for being the members of the Como International Club, for every experience shared friendship made, and the good times we had together.

This season, due to COVID-19, we could not accomplish all our goals, and we would like to thank all the members who organized online club activities during the tough period.

We hope that after the summer, we will be able to meet again at the Yacht Club, here in Como.

We wish you a great summer, stay safe, and enjoy your vacation!

Thank you again, and we will notify you once a Coffee Meeting date is set.












Board of Como International Club

Art Exhibition in Como – June 17th

We are glad to announce that we can finally invite all our members to the exhibition that has been postponed due to lockdown and will take place in Banca Generale in Como from June to October.

On June 17-th Anne Delaby will guide our members around the exposition of about 40 paintings.

You can visit the exhibition on other days from Monday to Friday 10-12 am and 14-17 pm.

If you wish to donate the money collected will go to charity for the projects presented by Associazione Talea and Canottieri.

Venue – Banca Generali, Lungo Lario Trento, 9.

The visit is free.

If you would like to participate RSVP soon to Alena: or Anne Delaby

Free Webinar: Instagram for Beginners – May 5th

Learn how to grow your Instagram account, how to promote your products, business, and services.

Elena Markova, Digital Marketing professional with working expertise within several industries: Travel, Real Estate, Luxury, FMCG, Automotive, founder of COMO LAKE Today lifestyle magazine, will conduct a practical webinar about the promotion on Instagram.

Elena Markova digital eventDuring the webinar, we will discuss: 

✔️Best Practices on how to start an Instagram account?

✔️What is an Instagram best Photography?

✔️How to understand the Posting Strategies (Frequency, time, hashtag, locations, Instagram Stories, Interaction)?

✔️How to find your audience on Instagram? 

✔️How to collaborate with Influencers? 

✔️How to promote your page? 

✔️Please, before the webinar, create the Instagram account if you don’t’ have one. 

✔️The free webinar will be organized via Zoom on Tuesday the 5th of May at 10:00. 

Please register at:

or contact Elena via email at to be a part of the online event.

Online Event: Eat Pasta and Stay Slim – Apr 30th

Due to the success of the previous online event themed “Clean Eating: Healthy Body, Happy Mind”, we would like to announce a piece of exciting news.

Paola Lovisetti is holding another Zoom event this Thursday 30th April at 18:00 themed “Clean Eating: Eat Pasta and Stay Slim.

Please contact Alena as soon as possible via email at to be a part of the online event.

APRIL, 2020

Dear members,

At the end of February, when the first news of the coronavirus situation in Italy reached the CIC board, and we had to postpone our cooking pizza masterclass, it seemed so temporary and unreal…
We absolutely could not imagine at that time the cancellation of all our March & April events and the fact that we might also have to move the 50th Anniversary celebration of the International Como Club planned for the end of May 2020 to September.

Within a matter of days, the whole world was thrown into quarantine, and the period became a challenge for global trotters and international people.
The current situation, most notably for our members, with families located all over the globe, has split some of our members from their beloved ones and blocked others from returning home.

The Como International Club, alongside its members, is facing a new reality, and we have no choice but to accept it and stand together as a community.

Here are a few things that we would love to do these days:

All the membership fees paid for 2020 will be extended until January 2021.
We will introduce and have our first-ever virtual event!
On April 8 at 18:00, Eleonora Scholes and Alena Klimtsova will organize an Online Aperitive and Wine Q&A. During this virtual event, Eleonora, a wine expert & journalist, will answer the questions about wine. To participate, please send your skype nickname and questions to Alena: And don’t forget to have a glass of wine handy
Anne Marie Delaby, an artist as well as our member, on April 4 at 10:00 is organizing an Online Workshop of Art Therapy. Anne invites everyone to participate! You can register to vie email:
If you would like to share some of your knowledge, organize a masterclass, a virtual workout, aperitive or have an online chat with club members – please send your ideas to: We will be happy to assist in organizing virtual club events!

I hope that this situation gets resolved very soon, and we meet again for coffee at the lovely Yacht Club of Como and participate in the fantastic activities created by the tremendous Como International Club Events’ Team.

I’m looking to the future with optimism and share love and strength for all of us.

Stay safe and keep in touch!

Kind regards,

Elena Markova

Online Aperitive and Wine Q&A – Apr 8th

First-ever virtual event!

On April 8 at 18:00, Eleonora Scholes and Alena Klimtsova will organize an Online Aperitive and Wine Q&A.

During this virtual event, Eleonora, a wine expert & journalist, will answer the questions about wine.

To participate, please send your skype nickname and questions to Alena:

And don’t forget to have a glass of wine handy!


Happy 2020! I wish you all a magical and beautiful new year!
A new decade brings so many expectations, new challenges, and fresh starts.
The New Year also gives us another chance to improve ourselves and to open up to new opportunities.
I wish for each one of us to have more time for friends and exciting events in the coming year. Friendliness and fun are both very life-enhancing, and the CIC community is an excellent source for both!
Our club is growing, and this month we also offer museum visits and a masterclass at the historic Coffee shop founded in Como.
Likewise, if you’re dreaming of seeing Bellagio in its authentic form, with the absence of crowds and tourists, do join One Pearl of Lake Como tour at the end of January for a wonderful experience.
I’m glad to mention that in January, our new member Anne Delaby is organizing Art Therapy lessons. These classes aims to help participants to get to know themselves better and discover how the “beautiful” can influence positively.
Meanwhile, as we get back to our regular activities, our team is working hard to find and create exclusive events to offer in spring.

A New Year is like a blank book, and together we can write a beautiful story of Como International Club in 2020!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Markova

Quote of the month: ”January is the month for dreaming.”― Jean Herse

Elena Markova Appointed President of the Como International Club

Como International Club appointed Elena Markova to be the President of the Club for a term of 1 year.

According to the club’s regulation, the president is heading the club and is responsible for eventual official issues. The president of the Como International Club is elected annually from the previous board’s members.

During her professional career, Elena Markova worked in marketing and communication within international companies. Markova founded the online magazine COMO Lake Today, dedicated to the Lake Como region.

«I’m very honored to be the president of the Como International Club. I will do my best to enrich the club’s activities, amplify the community, and make it an even more valuable experience for all of us», – said Elena Markova, CIC President.


The Assembly has also renewed the board, now composed of: 

  • Elena Markova – President
  • Nancy Duval – Vice-president
  • Jeannine Mcmaeill – Memberships
  • Tinola Alassan – Secretary
  • Ghida Basma – Communications and webmaster
  • Elisa Aspesi Toni – Treasure
  • Alena Klimtsova – Events
  • Marie Louise Schutt – Events
  • Andrea Fonseca – Events
  • Gisela Schwier-Weber – Events











 About Como International Club:

The Como International Club (CIC) was founded in 1970 and welcomes women of all nationalities in Como, Italy and the surrounding areas. The CIC aims to promote international friendships through social events and an array of cultural activities in and around Lake Como. The club currently has over 120 members.