February in Italy is a Carnival period. The tradition of a vast winter festival dates back to the 1100s. Till date, millions of people from all over the world are wearing costumes and coming to the feast! It is celebrated in many different ways, depending on the region. Traditionally Italian Carnival involves a parade, masks, music, and lots of parties.

The Venice carnival is a world-renowned event, which is famous for its extraordinary masks. There are many other widely known Italian carnivals such as Carnevale di Viareggio, Carnevale di Ivrea, Putignano e Cento.

Did you know that Lake Como also has remarkable carnival traditions? Every year Schignano, a tiny village on the picturesque hills above Lake Como, performs a particular carnival parade of ancient origins.
The wooden masks, carved by hand from the Walnut Root, are jealously guarded by owners and granted exclusively for the Carnival. This event is very theatrical and stenographic.

So, this month Como International Club is organizing a visit to Schignano Carnival. Don’t miss it! Let’s enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the Italian Carnival together!

Elena Markova, President

Quote of the month: “Happiness is simply a temporary condition that proceeds unhappiness. Fortunately for us, it works the other way around as well. But it’s all a part of the carnival, isn’t it?”― Federico Fellini