February in Italy is a Carnival period. The tradition of a vast winter festival dates back to the 1100s. Till date, millions of people from all over the world are wearing costumes and coming to the feast! It is celebrated in many different ways, depending on the region. Traditionally Italian Carnival involves a parade, masks, music, and lots of parties.

The Venice carnival is a world-renowned event, which is famous for its extraordinary masks. There are many other widely known Italian carnivals such as Carnevale di Viareggio, Carnevale di Ivrea, Putignano e Cento.

Did you know that Lake Como also has remarkable carnival traditions? Every year Schignano, a tiny village on the picturesque hills above Lake Como, performs a particular carnival parade of ancient origins.
The wooden masks, carved by hand from the Walnut Root, are jealously guarded by owners and granted exclusively for the Carnival. This event is very theatrical and stenographic.

So, this month Como International Club is organizing a visit to Schignano Carnival. Don’t miss it! Let’s enjoy the incredible atmosphere of the Italian Carnival together!

Elena Markova, President

Quote of the month: “Happiness is simply a temporary condition that proceeds unhappiness. Fortunately for us, it works the other way around as well. But it’s all a part of the carnival, isn’t it?”― Federico Fellini

Pizza Cooking Class – Feb 25th

This cooking class in an authentic restaurant Il Pomodorino in the very heart of Como is a must!

During the pizza cooking class, the pizzaiolo will guide us through the whole process of preparation and give us life hacks on how to cook true Italian pizza.

Carnival In Schignano – Feb 22th

The Carnival of Schignano – a small village in the Valle Intelvi – takes place on the Saturday and the Tuesday before Lent.
The Carnival displays two different characters: The Fair and The Ugly.
Local sculptors create splendid wooden masks for the occasion.

The Fair – mascarùn – wear finely decorated clothing with ribbons and jewellery displaying their wealth as well as their polite and elegant behaviour. The Ugly wear ragged clothes, necklaces made out of beans and animal hides. They carry around loud bells and display scary and deformed faces.

Meeting of all masks is at 14.00. The following procession passes through all the districts of the village. Visitors of this traditional, exceptional and unique event are also able to enjoy local specialties offered at the stalls.

Lebanese Lunch – Feb 14th

Join us for a delicious Lebanese lunch to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Start with a selection of meze appetizers for the table, followed by your choice of main course (a choice between a mixed Meat platter or a vegetarian mix option), and end with a Lebanese dessert and coffee. Price includes a drink (soft drink or a glass of Lebanese wine)

Visit To Historic Jewellery – Feb 11th

The story of Zanotti jewellery began in 1940 when Alfredo Zanotti founded his shop in the heart of the historical centre of Como. The experience of its founder has been handed down for two generations, first to his son Ettore then to his niece Stefania. During our visit, Stefania will guide us through showroom and workshop and tell us the story of her family and the store.

Carnival Potluck Lunch – Feb 7th

We look forward to seeing you at our buffet lunch, to spend a fun-filled afternoon in the rooms of the DLF (Dopolavoro Ferrovieri), beside the Como main railway station. Please dress up accordingly and inform the organizers on time on what dish you will be bringing for the buffet. Friends and children are welcome.