Happy 2020! I wish you all a magical and beautiful new year!
A new decade brings so many expectations, new challenges, and fresh starts.
The New Year also gives us another chance to improve ourselves and to open up to new opportunities.
I wish for each one of us to have more time for friends and exciting events in the coming year. Friendliness and fun are both very life-enhancing, and the CIC community is an excellent source for both!
Our club is growing, and this month we also offer museum visits and a masterclass at the historic Coffee shop founded in Como.
Likewise, if you’re dreaming of seeing Bellagio in its authentic form, with the absence of crowds and tourists, do join One Pearl of Lake Como tour at the end of January for a wonderful experience.
I’m glad to mention that in January, our new member Anne Delaby is organizing Art Therapy lessons. These classes aims to help participants to get to know themselves better and discover how the “beautiful” can influence positively.
Meanwhile, as we get back to our regular activities, our team is working hard to find and create exclusive events to offer in spring.

A New Year is like a blank book, and together we can write a beautiful story of Como International Club in 2020!

Sincerely yours,

Elena Markova

Quote of the month: ”January is the month for dreaming.”― Jean Herse

Visit To Max Museum – Jan 7th

Marcello Dudovich was an Italian painter, illustrator and poster designer. He is considered and celebrated as one of the progenitors of Italian poster design. The artist was working for Pirelli, La Rinascente of Milan, Campari, Martini, Agfa Film and many more. He developed his own very distinctive and richly colored style using photographing his models and transforming them on to “paper”. An absolutely MUST to visit this exhibition which is organized by our member Sylvia D’Amato together with the Lugano IWC. For those who can remain, the visit ends with a light lunch together with the Lugano ladies in the nearby restaurant “Il Carlino”, Via V. Vela 5, Chiasso, for the price of 1st course: Frs. 10/3 choices, 2nd course Frs. 15/ 3 choices, pizza Frs. 12, or “à la carte”.Coffee included, water extra 4dl bottle Frs. 4.

One Pearl Of Lake Como Visit – Jan 31th

In summer Bellagio is crowded with tourists while in winter, in the absence of crowds and tourists Bellagio reveals its beauty which we will appreciate during a walking tour through the village and along its shorelines.

Even in low season, we will find nice cafes or bars to warm up and chat.